andriajah Thu May 2020 1 year ago

Obs Studio for Capture/record Monitor + Webcam (Dslr Camera Becomes Webcam) + Audio

Monitor/gaming capture and even live streaming can be done easily using OBS studio software. software that is open source, free and can be installed on Linux, Windows or Mac OS. Monitor capture will not be complete and interesting without the addition of a webcam and audio. These two devices seem to be mandatory devices when recording monitors and even games. In this video I try OBS Studio software to capture webcam monitor and audio. The results are satisfactory. Even though I use a mediocre PC, OBS is able to run without lag on my PC. especially with the addition of my webcam display from a DSLR camera. So in this video I also try to use a Nikon D7000 DSLR camera to use as a webcam that I display in OBS Studio software. and the result is that the webcam runs smoothly, even though the image produced from the DSLR camera webcam is quite sharp, the PC still runs normally. The audio recorded via OBS Studio is quite good for the class of audio input (microphone) that I use. even though my microphone is not classified as a good microphone because the price is quite affordable, only Rp. 40,000,-
Friends, please watch this video from start to finish so that this tutorial/steps in turning a DSLR camera into a webcam and at the same time how to capture monitor, webcam and audio using OBS studio can be 100% successful.
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Please download the software at the link below.
download link:
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