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NUSA PENIDA: Expectations vs. Reality (Travel Guide)

Things aren't always as they seem on Instagram...

Nusa Penida is a gorgeous island off the coast of Bali and has only recently been getting extremely popular with tourists! Come with us we show you the REAL, RAW experience on the island (beyond what you see on Instagram). You'll see the island's highlights, lowlights, and our final thoughts for those looking to visit Nusa Penida from Bali.

We cover everything in this video on how to travel Nusa Penida including how to get to Nusa Penida, best places to visit on Nusa Penida, how many days/how much time to spend on Nusa Penida, what to eat on Nusa Penida, how much does it cost to visit Nusa Penida, how to get around on Nusa Penida, and MANY more things that you NEED TO KNOW before visiting Nusa Penida.

We'd recommend our friendly driver, Gede (or his teammates). Reachable through WhatsApp at +6285737046931

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We love Nusa Penida and had fun capturing our raw experiences on Nusa Penida! We're always looking forward to learning more things about Nusa Penida! We were in awe at the beauty of Diamond Beach, Atuh Beach, Kelingking, Angel's Billabong, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay! Let us know if you've ever been to Nusa Penida when you were in Bali and if you agree with our takes!

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