andriajah Tue Sep 2021 2 years ago

Node.js E-commerce App Rest Api With Mongodb | Shopping Api With Stripe & Jwt

Node MongoDB eCommerce Rest API using Stripe payment method. Node.js shopping API tutorial using express, MongoDB, and JWT for beginners.

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Next Part (MERN Stack Shopping App): Coming Soon

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0:00 Introduction
01:08 Creating an Express App
06:11 Node.js MongoDB Connection
12:20 Understanding Node.js Router
21:15 Node.js MongoDB Models
31:45 Node.js MongoDB Authentication
50:28 Node.js JWT Implementation
54:00 Node.js CRUD Operations with JWT
01:37:50 Advanced MongoDB Functions
01:46:23 Node.js Stripe Implementation
01:51:04 Stripe React.js Implementation
01:57:04 React, Node.js, Stripe Payment Implementation
02:06:21 Outro
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