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Powerful Youth: The Footsteps of the Father of the Nation, Powerful Youth (Part 7) | Najwa's eyes

This country is a country of young people, having young leaders is normal. How do you convince young people so that young people want to be at the forefront and participate in various activities?

For young people, Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim advised, "My message is simple, don't listen to other people's opinions too often. Listen to your inner voice more often."

Najwa's notes, "Young in Power".

In an era that moves so dynamically, it is not enough for young people to just post sweet things.

Everything is possible in the digital era, weave a new world with hands that keep spinning.

Overturn all scorn with courage, even if you fall, there's still another day tomorrow.

Creativity is an immeasurable currency, ideas and execution must be quickly melted.

There are so many opportunities and challenges that need to be answered, it is not enough to just rebel and move without a reason.

In the hands of youth, everything that is impossible can become real, young people are the antithesis of everything that is impossible.

We are a letter to the future, the skyline is a boundary to be conquered.


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