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Moeldoko Becomes State's Burden Regarding Democratic Party, Ade Armando: It's Good to Resign from the Palace

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - Communication lecturer at the University of Indonesia, Ade Armando, said that the chaos of the Democrat Extraordinary Conference that dragged in the Head of KSP Moeldoko could be a burden for the country.

"This will really be a burden for Pak Jokowi if he is still in the KSP position," said Ade Armando when contacted by KompasTV, Monday (8/3/2021).

Ade assessed that Moeldoko's involvement as part of the government could become the object of attacks from parties regarding his interference in the Democrat Extraordinary Conference agenda.

He believes that Moeldoko should resign from the Palace if he continues to fight in the Democratic party.

"Whether it's true or not, it's another matter. We're talking about image, about the construction of reality. For the good name of the palace, for the good name of Mr. Jokowi, for the good name of Mr. Moeldoko himself, Mr. Moeldoko should resign," continued Ade.

Then will the Moeldoko camp immediately register the KLB results?

Listen to the discussion with CSIS Political Observer, J. Kristiadi and Communication Lecturer at the University of Indonesia (UI), Ade Armando.
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