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Car destroyed by thieves screaming | Aiman ​​(5)

KOMPASTV - Wiyanto Halim's fate is truly unfortunate. This elderly man, almost 90 years old, had to die under the judgment of the crowd, who shouted at him: "Thief!"

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Pol Kombes. Endra Zulpan said the beating incident started when the car the victim was driving hit a motorbike in the Cipinang Muara area, East Jakarta. Not accepting it, the motorbike rider then chased the victim and provoked him by shouting, "Thief!"

This then triggered a moment of provocation for the masses to join in chasing the victim to the Pulogadung Industrial area, East Jakarta. This is where the car vandalism and indiscriminate assault occurred, resulting in the victim's death.

However, Wiyanto's grandfather's family had other assumptions regarding this incident. The beating incident did not happen immediately. There is an "intellectual actor" accompanying him. This allegation is based on a series of incidents previously experienced by the victim, starting from cases of land disputes and alleged threats. Also, the family suspects that before the victim hit the motorbike rider, the victim was already being chased by the crowd. Then, which one is correct?

Kompas TV senior journalist, Aiman ​​Witjaksono, traced it.

Exploring the Cipinang Muara area, East Jakarta, Aiman ​​managed to find the location of the grazing and key witnesses who confirmed that the chase incident occurred EXCLUSIVELY. From here, Aiman ​​moved to the Jatinegara area, the starting point of the viral chase video. Finally, Aiman ​​visited the Pulogadung Industrial area, where the victim finally died. Here, Aiman ​​also met one of the eyewitnesses who saw the beating incident firsthand.

How does this case end?

Did the grandfather die due to spontaneous mob provocation or was the shouting of "Thief" done to deliberately kill him, as the family suspects?

This article can be seen at: https://www.kompas.tv/article/259256/mobil-hancur-dilakian-maling-aiman-5
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