andriajah Thu Apr 2023 10 months ago

Myths or Facts about CVT Automatic Cars After 100 Thousands of Km Will Be Broken

The myth or fact that CVT automatic cars will break down after 100 thousand km is the latest discussion by Mas Hardi this time, what do you think, all Aha Pediatric friends? Myth or Fact?

Let's look at the video Myths or facts about CVT automatic cars after 100 thousand km they will break down so that we know the right answer about CVT automatic complaints.

Mas Hardi also explained many things about how CVT automatics work and also explained what factors make CVT automatic cars break down quickly and CVT automatic cars remain healthy.

What are the factors that keep CVT automatic cars healthy and durable? in the video Myths or facts about automatic CVT cars after 100 thousand km will break down, we will see it until the end.

00:00 Opening
00:48 automatic CVT after using 100k KM
03:27 CVT automatic weakness
05:47 CVT automatic over heat
09:28 The characteristics of a CVT automatic transmission have been down
12:30 how to buy a CVT automatic car
13:12 when to change CVT automatic oil
16:00 How to use a CVT correctly
20:57 CVT transmission is more comfortable
23:12 tips for caring for Mobio automatic CVT
26:40 CVT automatic is safe on hills
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