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Mira Putri - Long Sepi (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video:
Mira Putri - Prolonged Loneliness
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Special Thanks To:
Artist: Mira Putri
Songwriter: Decky Ryan

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♫ Lyrics ♫ (Prolonged Loneliness)

Love will not disappear
Continue to grow in your soul
Grow colorful blooms
I want us to stay together

I miss my heart
Since you were far from my side
Restless holding back sadness
I want to meet you soon

We've been apart for years
I don't want to share my feelings anymore
It's only you that I love
One name for you forever

Listen, love, listen, darling
Moaning to miss you
Come, the love of my soul seduces
Don't let me be lonely for long

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