andriajah Mon Oct 2022 1 year ago

Mengenal Web Framework Go Fiber (route, Middleware)

A little introduction & overview of the fiber web framework (gofiber) in the Golang language. This fiber framework is very easy to use, especially for those who have used ExpressJS from the NodeJS platform.

In this video I describe how to use routing, parsing request bodies, responses, middleware, and a few tips in Golang for sorting slices.

Those who want sawer:

Source code:

Timestamp :
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:20 Create project
00:03:20 Install go fiber
00:03:33 Start making an app
00:09:40 Create dummy data
00:13:48 Parsing request body
00:21:17 Create middleware
00:34:09 Separate handlers
00:37:06 Get single todo
00:42:10 Authorization middleware
01:04:44 What's next?

#golang #gofiber #crud #auth
golang fiber gofiber middleware auth