andriajah Fri Jul 2023 10 months ago

Looking for the Fastest Cellphone 2023 🔥 iPhone 14 Pro Vs Rog Phone 7 Ultimate!

Watching this on Redmi 4a.

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0:00 David pretends to be arrogant
0:09 Our gaming cellphone 🥳
0:26 Our dream cellphone 🥰
0:47 Read the rules first
1:11 I'm so frustrated with my cellphone
1:28 Every competition needs sponsors
1:58 iPhone 14 Giveaway!
2:15 Let the numbers do the talking
2:58 12% are global elite HP
3:14 Blue app version results
3:55 Our favorite application
4:26 Ask the board first
4:36 David is afraid of being wrong
4:56 Featherweight, welterweight, middleweight...
5:52 That's a deal bro
6:23 This is where the fun begins 😎
7:34 This is called being overtaken
8:31 This is no less important
10:00 "For F1 it's 0.1 seconds bro"
10:18 RoG Revenge
11:10 6GB vs 16GB 🤣
11:55 Which often makes you lose your style
12:30 No need to stay asleep
13:30 Something strange...
14:00 Conspiracy Theories
14:30 Conspiracy debunked
16:05 This is very strange
16:15 So is it good to count or not?
17:26 Apple fanboys are disappointed
17:52 Make khonthen khreathor
19:18 Even losing is praised
19:34 There are 500 million people who downloaded
20:30 And it happened again~
21:09 1 Valuable point
21:49 Overall winner