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Create Sales Profit Reports

To get an Excel File Package and Free Consultation, please contact us:
WA No: 085399065706 - Zulkifli Latif

Donations are just IDR 90,000 (Ninety Thousand Rupiah).

The Excel File Package contains modules and you can get all of them, including:
1-Learn the SUM, Average, Min, Max and IF Formula functions in Excel
2-Easy to Learn Vlookup and Hlookup
3-Functions Sumif and Countif
4-Easy to Learn Pivot Tables
5-Tips for Creating Spellable Functions
6-How to Delete Columns and Rows Quickly
7-Easy to Learn Text Functions
8-Tips for Mastering the Vlookup Function and Multiple IF Function
9-Conditional Formatting Excel - Learn to Create Zebra Rows
10-Easy Ways to Calculate Age in Microsoft Excel
11-Learn the Count, Counta, Countif, and Countifs Functions
12-Easy to Learn SUMIF and SUMIFS Functions
13-Create Financial Reports Using Microsoft Excel
14-Questions on Company Job Entrance Test
15-Fourteen Most Frequently Used Excel Formulas
16-Six Examples of Using Excel Formulas
17-Create Attendance Quickly
18-Four Types of VLOOKUP Formulas
19-Question Microsoft Excel Job Test for Admin Section
20-Three Types of IF Functions in Microsoft Excel
21-Easy Ways to Make Pay Slips
22-Application of Inventory Shrinkage
23-Admin Section Job Entrance Test Questions (Part 1)
24-Questions on Job Entrance Test Admin Part (Part 2)
25-Questions on Admin Section Job Entrance Test (Part 3)
26-Tips for Making Functions Spelled Commas
27-Learn Vlookup, IF, and Datedif Formulas
28-Easy to Learn Vlookup, Hlookup, and IF
29-Create Receipts Easily
30-Learn Vlookup Different Sheet
31-Creating Auto Encoding
32-Difference between True and False in Vlookup Function
33-Understanding Single IF & Multilevel IF Formulas
34-Make an Employee Payroll Report
35-Easy to Make School Reports
36-Learn to Make Vlookup Formulas Accompanied by Pictures
37-Creating Charts in Microsoft Excel
38-Questions Hotel Admin Job Test
39-Creating Picklists in Microsoft Excel
40-Creating a Stock Report in Microsoft Excel
41-Creating an Invoice in Microsoft Excel
42-Create a Sales Profit Report
43-Easy to Make Notes in Excel
44-Excel Cashier Application with VBA Code
45-Creating a Daily Cash Book in Microsoft Excel
46-Easily Create Credit Bookkeeping Reports
47-Excel Invoice Application

Apart from the Excel File package, you will also get FREE CONSULTATION
about our Excel File Package which can make work easier in the lecture world and also in the office world.

Donations can be transferred via:
Bank BNI
No. Account: 0730098460
an. Zulkifli Latif

Bank BCA
No. Account: 0251671906
an. Zulkifli Latif

Mandiri Bank
No. Account: 1520014496968
an. Zulkifli Latif

Bank BRI
No. Account: 066401008952500
an. Zulkifli Latif

If you have made a transfer, please send proof of transfer to no. WA: 085399065706
Next, we will send you a download link containing a collection of Microsoft Excel practice files.

We send the files via WA or Email, so the process can be faster :)

Hopefully we can provide benefits for you.

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- Website:
- HP / WA: 085 399 065 706
- Instagram : zulkifli_latif92
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