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Mata Najwa Part 7 - Pretending to be Prison: Prison is Not a Deterrent

Sukamiskin Prison can be said to be the best among other prisons in Indonesia. Because, in this Dutch-made prison, one inmate gets one cell room.

Currently, the number of inmates in Sukamiskin Prison has reached 444 people, while the prison capacity has reached 552 people. Meanwhile, other prisons in Indonesia have far exceeded their capacity.

Former Sukamiskin prison inmate Rio Patrice encouraged the government to think about the rights of other prisoners. For him, the government should not give up or make excuses that there is no budget to improve prison conditions.

Meanwhile, ICW researcher, Tama S Langkun, said the government must guarantee the principle of justice for prison inmates.

"For corruptors, the training process is not going well. "Caught in corruption, imprisoned, even bribed," he said. (Narration)

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