Wed Dec 2019 2 years ago

Former Yakuza Boss Tells About His Past on KompasTV

Yakuza is a hidden crime organization in Japan that is mostly told about in films. However, Sugawara Ushio, a former Yakuza leader who came to the Sapa Indonesia Pagi program, confirmed that his former organization was involved in illicit business.

Sugawara has been involved in the Yakuza for 20 years. Sugawara is a failed businessman. Because he was down and depressed, Sugawara chose to join the Yakuza.

Yakuza has many groups. Each group has its own characteristics. For example, there are Yakuza who become middlemen and give high interest rates, and so on.

Sugawara told further about whether the scary image of the Yakuza was really felt and experienced when he joined the organization, including when he had to cut off his finger because he was involved in an internal Yakuza conflict.