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Foods for Gastric Acid Sufferers that are Recommended for Consumption on Ll Health Channel

Hello friends, back again with us at Chanel Health.
Eating food or fruit that is good for the stomach is an alternative for treating and reducing increased stomach acid. Apart from being delicious, this fruit for the stomach is also highly nutritious. Gastric acid disease, also known as GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is often experienced by many people. Symptoms that arise when stomach acid rises include pain in the pit of the stomach. This pain in the pit of the stomach or heartburn sometimes feels like a burning sensation around the chest. This condition is often misinterpreted as a heart problem. Curious about the contents of the video?
Watch this video until the end, so you can get the complete information. Hopefully the information and knowledge provided will be useful for your healthy friends.

The health channel is a channel that shares information about health tips, for those of you who want a healthy lifestyle without chemicals. Apart from that, the health channel also shares information related to beauty tips using natural ingredients that are around us. Health facts and myths that many people still don't know, as well as providing health information with herbal ingredients. We hope that this Health channel can have a big influence regarding healthy living, and very informative tips about women's health.

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