Wed Dec 2019 2 years ago

Oil and Gas Mafia, Get Fees of IDR 6 Billion per Day?

President Jokowi was furious and said there were parties whose hobby was importing oil and gas and making big profits. High imports are entangling state finances, creating a deficit in the oil and gas trade balance.

Who is the oil and gas mafia that President Joko Widodo said is playing with the oil and gas sector?

President Jokowi continues to criticize Indonesia's large oil and gas imports. Jokowi admitted that he already knew who had made big profits from oil and gas imports. For this reason, Jokowi has issued a warning to oil and gas import players.

Jokowi has repeatedly expressed his determination to eradicate the oil and gas mafia, which is accused of being the cause of Indonesia's trade balance deficit. In fact, Jokowi specifically ordered Pertamina President Commissioner Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok to immediately clean up the oil and gas mafia and oversee the construction of an oil refinery. Ahok admitted that he was ordered by Jokowi to fix the trade balance deficit caused by imports of oil and gas and petrochemical products.

The government must suppress oil and gas imports to overcome the growing trade balance deficit. While continuing to develop new and renewable energy to meet energy needs in Indonesia.
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