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🔴 Live Update: Herry Wirawan's victims have now increased, there are 21 female students

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM, GARUT - In the case of coercion of 12 female students by an Islamic boarding school teacher named Herry Wirawan in Bandung City, it turns out that many of the victims came from Garut Regency.

Chairperson of the Integrated Service Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children (P2TP2A) of Garut Regency, Diah Kurniasari, said that 11 female students from Garut were victims.

In fact, according to him, of the eleven people, some already have children and some are pregnant as a result of the perpetrator's crimes.

"It is known that there were 11 female students from Garut who were victims and were found to have children and some were pregnant," he said when interviewed by, Thursday (9/12/2021)

He said that when his party received reports of forced violence by Islamic boarding school teachers in Bandung City, his party immediately communicated with the victim's parents.

According to him, some of the victims' parents did not know about the problems that befell their children.

"All parents were shocked when they found out about the problems that had befallen their children. After being given understanding and assistance, the parents were finally able to accept the problems," he said.

Diah explained that P2TP2A Garut is currently focused on providing assistance to victims.

All victims from Garut are currently at their parents' house in Garut and are undergoing psychological therapy.

"Efforts to reintegrate the victims to return to their environment were carried out by approaching village government officials and community leaders until the victims were finally able to return to their homes," he said.

Apart from that, his party is also providing direct assistance to victims who are currently facing the trial process as well as providing health assistance.

He said that currently there are victims who are waiting for the birth process, so his party needs to provide intensive assistance.

"There are victims who are still waiting for the birth process after previously one victim also gave birth with the facilitation of P2TP2A Garut," said Diah, who is the wife of the Regent of Garut. (*)
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