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LI KHAMSATUN : Between Punishment & Trial - ANISA RAHMAN


The Corona outbreak has hit the world. Anxiety affects almost everyone, regardless of social or economic status.

Of course, something will not happen if Allah does not will it. We must believe that everything He has destined is always good, even though its form is sometimes less (if not) in accordance with our wishes.

Disasters are always heartbreaking, but we must remain aware that there is wisdom in them. As a test, disasters will improve the quality of those who are able to get through/resolve them. As punishment, disasters will make us aware of our mistakes, so that we can immediately correct them and ask for His forgiveness.

Keep praying: O Allah, strengthen us if this Corona outbreak is a test. O Allah, end it immediately if it turns out that this pandemic is a punishment for us.

The tawassul prayer was offered by Hadhratusy-shaykh KH. Hasyim Asy'ari to Kiai Romli Rejoso, Kiai A Wahab Chasbullah Tambakberas and Kiai Bisri Denanyar.

LI KHAMSATUN: Between Doom & Test

‏لي خمسة اطفي بها حر الوباء الحاطمة
المصطفى والمرتضى وابناهما وفاطمة

O Allah, strengthen us
If the epidemic is a test
Oh Allah, end it soon
If it turns out it will be a punishment for us

Indeed, we are loyal
To maintain our faith and piety
But if it's not perfect
So forgive and guide you to the path of the Prophet

Executive Producer: Bobby Anugrah
Producer: Ega HQ
Video: Ahmad Haekal
Indonesian Version: Ega HQ
Music: Ega HQ & Sastro Adi
Label: HP Music
Publisher: PT. Harmoni Digital Publisherindo

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