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Pin Screen || Saur Sepuh 3 - Kembang Gunung Lawu [1989]

Lasmini (Murti Sari Dewi), who was raped and thrown into a ravine, was saved by Grandma Lawu (Corry Mochtar). He was then taught silat until his grandmother died. Lasmini goes down the mountain looking for her rapist. One by one they answered. One time he clashed with Mantili (Elly Ermawatie), because he was close to Bentar (Candy Satrio). Lasmini returned to Mount Lawu and received another silat inheritance. After mastering a new move, he again challenged the martial arts masters. He also won. Meanwhile, Mantili is taught another new move by Brama (Fendy Pradana) and challenges Lasmini. This time it was Lasmini who lost.

Director: Imam Tantowi
Producer: Handi Muljono
Author: Niki Kosasih
Cast: Elly Ermawatie, Fendy Pradana, Murti Sari Dewi, Corry Mochtar, Candy Satrio
Film Layar Tancep Tancap Jadul Silat Perang Pendekar Film Layar Film Jadul Film Silat Film Perang Film Pendekar Film Rakyat Layar Lebar Film Layar Lebar Layar Tancep Layar Tancap Elly Ermawatie Fendy Pradana Murti Sari Dewi Corry Mochtar Candy Satrio Saur Sepuh Kembang Gunung Lawu Saur Sepuh 3