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Law kana bainanal Habib Cover FITRIANA KAMILA
Assalamualaikum to all friends, Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah S.W.T, we have uploaded the latest 🎡music video entitled law kana bainanal habib (if only your lover "Muhammad S.A.W" was still with us), this song consists of 4 verses but this time only 3 verses are sung by FItriana, this song was also popularized in Indonesia by Annisa Rahman (Sabyan Gambus) & Alfina Nindiyani. This song is a form of our prayer to Allah for our longing for His Majesty Rasulullah S.A.W which is expressed in a song lyric. Alhamdulillah, this time Fitri was supported by the @inemamotion team for the production of this music video, hopefully we will all always be istiqomah and this content can be accepted by the community, especially can be educational material for our younger siblings who are the successors of the Indonesian religion & nation.
Let's pray to His Majesty Rosulullah, hopefully by praying to Him, Allah will make our affairs easier and we will be given His intercession. Amen, O Allah

Lyrics :
Law kana bainanal habib
If only Your lover (Muhammad) was still with us

Laadanal-qasi wal-qarib
All debts will be paid off and it will be closer

Min thoibatin qablal maghib
With His Majesty's fragrance before his disappearance

Tholiban qurbal habib
The feeling of struggling to be close to your lover

Hudakal-kaunu monk
Your guidance to nature is widespread

A sign of the near love of God, the Giver of Guidance.

Hadithuka-nahurul a'zib
Your hadiths are like a clear flowing river

Be by your side

Fadatkha-ruuhi ya habib
I redeem myself with you, my beloved

Muhammadun mukrimal gharib
The noble Muhammad was a stranger

Biqurbikar-ruhu tathib
Being near you, the soul becomes fragrant, O sent as a sign of affection

Yes Rahmatal Lil Alamin
God to all the universe


Yes habibi yes Muhammad
O my beloved, O Muhammad

Yes thobibi yes mumajjad
O healer of my heart, O blessed one

Anta Zul-Fadhlil Muayyad
You have advantages that God recognizes

Jalla man solla a'laik
Honor the person who prays for you

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Executive producer: Ibnu Afandi
Directed: Achmad Toriq
Music Producer: Inema
Video : Inema
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content creative : Maruli
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