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Laravel Livewire - New File Upload With Zero Config

Jackma 25 Jun 2020 20
Learn Laravel Livewire new File Uploading System Wire:model="photo" It is a full-stack framework by creating an awesome support ticket system. The course is from very basics to advanced using Laravel Livewire, creating Single Page Application (SPA) and lot's of fun Check out 15-20 hours of Laravel Content at Become Bitfumes Member on youtube Useful Links: Docs: Source Code: Github: You will be going to learn: (00:00) Get started (02:04) Install Laravel (02:44) Install Livewire (03:03) Start Livewire Uploading (05:00) Save file to storage (07:39) Image Validation (09:37) Upload on S3 (11:27) Store image publically on S3 (12:31) Real Time Image Validation (13:50) Image Preview (15:26) Loading Indicator (16:51) Multiple File Upload (18:45) Automatic Cleanup (19:15) Progress Indicator (20:34) Design Fresh Look (22:35) Hide Save Button if no image selected (25:35) Remove Selected Image (27:43) Loading Spinner for S3 (30:02) Flash Message For Success ======================= Ad Free Tutorials ====================== Check For ads-free ==================FOLLOW ME ================== Subscribe for New Releases! Twitter - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - (ask me questions!) --- QUESTIONS? --- Leave a comment below and I or someone else can help you. For quick questions you may also want to ask me on Twitter, I respond almost immediately. Email me Thanks for all your support


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