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Hold Consolidation Meeting to Close the Democratic Party Ranks, Ahy: Moeldoko is Our Common Enemy

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - In order to close ranks, Democratic Party Chairman Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono held a consolidation meeting at the Democratic Party's Central Leadership Council (DPP) Building on Sunday (7/3/2021).

The consolidation meeting was held as an effort to respond to the holding of an event which was claimed to be the Extraordinary Democratic Congress in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.

On this occasion, AHY said that Moeldoko was called a common enemy.

Reported by Kompastv, Moeldoko is said to have conspired with a number of cadres.

AHY also stated that many of those who had been fired were disrespectful, colluding and also trying to distort the facts.

AHY even called Moeldoko an external actor.

"What is clear is that we have a common enemy today, an external actor, namely KSP Moeldoko, who is in cahoots with a handful of cadres. Many of them have also been fired dishonorably, colluding and also trying to distort the facts and overthrow the legitimate democratic party," said AHY.

AHY also asked for the public's help to continue supporting the legitimate Democratic Party.

He hopes that people in various regions will unite to provide support for the Democratic Party.

"We cannot ask anyone for help except the Indonesian people. Through this forum, people in various regions are giving their support to the Democratic Party one by one. Thank you for your prayers and support," said AHY.

In fact, the KLB determined the general chairman who was claimed to replace AHY, namely Moeldoko. (Tribun-Video.com/Kompastv)
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