ahmadajah03 Thu Aug 2020 1 year ago

Delicious and Easy Chocolate Cake, without Oven, without Eggs, spoon measurements | Chocolate Biscuit Cake

One of the easy chocolate cake recipes that is made without an oven and without steaming, the results are delicious 👍😍. similar to batik cake but without eggs and the amount of butter is not as much as batik cake and also to sweeten this cake uses sugar instead of sweetened thick creamer

(Recipe adapted from delicious channel recipes)
Spoon measurements are in the video 👍😍)

Material A
*2 packs of 185 gram Marie milk biscuits
* Chocolate Powder 35 grams
* 110 grams of granulated sugar
*Water 150 ml
* Butter/butter 55 grams (can be replaced with margarine)
*Vanilla powder 1/2 tsp & salt 1/8 tsp (optional)

Ingredient B ganache is simple
120 grams dark chocolate
60 ml liquid milk
(Simple ganache formula without cream 1 part chocolate + 1/2 part milk)

For liquid measurements
If you use a measuring spoon, 1 tablespoon = 12.5 ml
If you use a regular tablespoon, 1 tablespoon = 7/8 ml
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