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Chronology of Pregnant Nurses Who Died of Exposed to Corona


Sad news, increasing from medical personnel on the front line fighting the transmission of the corona virus.

Nurse Ari Puspita Sari, who was pregnant, was declared dead after being treated intensively at the Doctor Ramelan Naval Hospital, Surabaya, East Java.

Nurse Ari Puspita Sari was previously treated according to the Covid-19 protocol at the Royal Surabaya Hospital, then referred to the Dokter Ramelan Navy Hospital in Surabaya because her condition had worsened.

Spokesperson for handling Covid-19 at the Royal Surabaya Hospital, Doctor Dewa Nyoman Sutanaya, stated that while he was at the Royal Surabaya Hospital, the deceased was hospitalized to reduce the risk from other positive corona patients.

"So far the deceased received general treatment, but we separated it from positive (corona) services so as to reduce the risk," said Doctor Nyoman.

Doctor Nyoman also said that the deceased's exposure to the corona virus could potentially have come from anywhere.

"This means that if we are infected, we cannot rule out the possibility that it could come from anywhere, whether from the hospital or outside the hospital," he continued.

The total number of medical personnel who died due to corona in Indonesia was recorded as 32 doctors and 24 nurses.

To find out about the late Ari Puspita Sari's daily life while working at the hospital, listen to the conversation with the spokesperson for handling Covid-19 at the Royal Surabaya Hospital, Doctor Dewa Nyoman Sutanaya and the General Chair of the Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI) Harif Fadillah.
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