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Criticizing Controversial Statements, Presenter Shouted at Sunda Empire Officials - iNews Sore 20/01

Air Date: 01/20/2020

Clarification from Sunda Empire officials

Part 01:
Part 02:

Apart from the Keraton Agung Sejagat, the emergence of the Sunda Empire group also caused a public stir and went viral since photos of the activities appeared on social media. A series of controversial statements were made by group officials. Anything?

When he was a resource person on the iNews Afternoon Program, Monday 20 January 2020, the top official of the Sunda Empire, Raden Rangga or Raden Rangga Sasana, revealed the reasons why Bandung was chosen as the location for the empire.

"Bandung is point zero, it is the Atlantic region," said Raden Rangga Sasana during a dialogue on the iNews Afternoon Program which aired on iNews, Tuesday (21/1/2020).

"It is necessary for all Indonesian people who don't know, this is the origin of the earth, it is the spark of the sun. Which at that time finally froze, and the highest is Bandung." explained the top official of the Sunda Empire, Raden Rangga.

Raden Rangga Sasana said that at that time Bandung's land area was higher than other areas. According to him, this is what makes several world organizations. Like the UN to NATO which was born in Bandung.

"So Bandung is in the highest position among other regions in the world. That's why it was agreed upon by our ancestors. That's why if something doesn't come from Bandung it won't be appointed. That's why the PBB was born in Bandung, SLW in Bandung, NATO in Bandung, Petagon in Bandung "The World Bank is also in Bandung with capital from the archipelago." said Raden Rangga Sasana.

Hearing Raden Rangga Sasana's explanation, Sundanese historian, Dedi Mulyadi, just laughed. Dedi Mulyadi then released Raden Rangga Sasana to give his opinion.

However, according to him, what Raden Rangga Sasana revealed can be verified through well-recorded history.

"Well, first of all, you're welcome, people can have any opinion." said the former Regent of Purwakarta while chuckling.

"But from the aspect of ratio, history, we can understand where the center of the world is, where the highest ground is. Where the UN was born, where NATO was born. Everything has been well recorded in history." added this cultural observer from West Java.

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