andriajah Sat Jan 2023 1 year ago

Brilliant Performance, Bank Bca Records Annual Profit of 29.6%: Reaches IDR 40.7 Trillion!

KOMPAS.TV - Bank BCA has again recorded positive performance.

BCA and its subsidiaries managed to record a net profit of up to IDR 40.7 trillion in 2022.

This profit achievement grew 29.6% annually.

Total credit growth of up to 11.7% or IDR 711.3 trillion was one of the pillars of the company's profit increase.

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All credit sectors recorded improvements compared to the previous year.

The development of a hybrid business ecosystem, both online and offline, is also a driving factor for brilliant performance.

In 2022, BCA transaction volume will increase by 36.8% on an annual basis or reach a record high of IDR 24.1 billion transactions.

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