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Chairman of the Democratic DPC in Central Java admits he was offered money to take part in the club in Deli Serdang

SEMARANG, KOMPAS.TV Democratic Party DPC cadres and administrators in Central Java stated that they rejected the extraordinary congress that featured Moeldoko and was held in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, Friday (5/3)

A number of Democratic Party DPC chairs in Central Java admitted that they were being persuaded to take part in the KLB.

One of them is the Chairman of the Pekalongan Regency Democratic Party DPC, Mashadi, who admitted that he was invited to take part in the KLB and was lured by money.

"I was offered to join the KLB with the promise of a down payment of IDR 30 million straight away. If I wanted to sign straight away, the money was handed over. I was persuaded several times, I was adamant about one goal of supporting AHY," said Mashadi at the Grand Candi Hotel, Semarang. .

Mashadi described the meeting and being contacted by one of the Democratic DPC Chairs in Central Java who has now been fired.

Reporting from Kompas.com, a similar experience was also experienced by the Chairman of the Pemalang Regency Democratic DPC, Andika Permadi, who was promised IDR 100 million.

Andika will be given an advance of IDR 30 million if he is willing to take part in the KLB.

"We were invited to meet the chairman of the DPC when he was still active. He said that initially, if Mas AHY held the Democratic Party, it would sink further," said Andika.

Andika believes that this statement will not happen. He accused his colleague's actions of being a coup attempt.

"But it continues to be denied, I hope my friends remain united and unaffected, which is clear from the bottom of their hearts and remains with AHY," he said.

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