andriajah Fri May 2020 1 year ago

Sweet Memories (originally By Pamungkas)

When listening to an album, I am a typical person who traces the entire album from the first song to the last song. In other words, I believe that one album has the power to tell many things with the setlist that has been compiled. Even though that kind of thing is quite difficult to understand after just one listen. Like when listening to the Walk The Talk series at the end of 2018. Of the 16 tracks, for the first listen, there are several songs that are interesting enough to play again. One of them is Sweet Memories; although it is difficult to sing back because the placement of the high notes in some notes is difficult to adjust to the shift in the falset.

Sweet Memories closes the romantic setlist entitled One Only and Wait a Minute before returning to the sad melody on the continuation of Bottle Me Your Tears. It's as if this song is the momentum for the climax of Pamungkas' love story with the most pleasant tunes, the dominance of acoustic guitar and drum instruments, as well as Pamungkas' unique choice of diction in each of his Indonesian language songs; which this time is less eccentric, more straightforward and tells a story with a clear meaning.

Hearing this song is like bringing back memories. Imagine again according to what is written in the title. Small things that are used as jokes to giant problems that are complained about together, laughter that is released and all the drama is neatly arranged in memory files, from and for anyone. Because I believe there are many kinds of love, it is universal, free for everyone, absolute for every creature.

Past all that happiness, the first sentence in the chorus hints at separation. It is written there "For a while, see you", indicating that the end of our story for today is an expression of goodbye. Time is too fast to determine what stories emerge in each meeting ending in separation. However, rest assured that the sweet memories will always be a reason for each to return.
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