andriajah Mon May 2020 2 years ago

Police are monitoring YouTuber Ferdian Paleka's whereabouts!

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.TV - A viral video of three young people giving a basic food donation box containing rubbish has angered several parties. The Baleendah resort police confirmed that two of the three youths were residents of Rancamanya village, Bandung Regency, but the investigation into the case was handled by the Polrestabes because the activities in the video took place in the city.

In the video circulating, three young people can be seen wrapping rubbish in several paper boxes, these three young men even have the heart to distribute the wrapped rubbish to residents on the side of the road. The young man who gave this package of rubbish said that what he was giving was basic food.

After it went viral, it was discovered that the video maker's residence was visited by a number of angry residents.

According to Baleendah Police Chief Kompol Priyono, two of the three prank video makers were residents from Rancamanyar village.

However, his party denied that a number of people had raided the house of the perpetrators' parents.

Meanwhile, the investigation into this prank case will be carried out by police officers from the Bandung Police, remember
The location for making the video is in the city of Bandung.

Even though the perpetrators have not been arrested, the police appealed to the public not to be easily provoked and...
hand over the investigation completely to the police.
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