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Peatland Fires in 137 Points, Pontianak Covered in Smoke Haze

PONTIANAK, KOMPAS.TV - Today Pontianak and its surroundings are shrouded in smoke haze originating from land fires at several points in Pontianak and its surroundings.

As a result, the air condition in Pontianak this morning was in the unhealthy category.

It was observed that on Sunday (3/04) morning, Pontianak and its surroundings were covered in smoke, the impact of peatland fires at several points that occurred in Pontianak and several other districts in West Kalimantan.

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Based on data from the LAPAN Fire Hotspot website, on Sunday (3/04) morning there were 137 hot spots in West Kalimantan.

The impact of this fire is that the air in Pontianak is in the unhealthy category.

However, based on monitoring from BMKG Supadio Pontianak, there is a formation of wind direction patterns in the West Kaliman region, this is capable of causing convective clouds, which have the potential to reduce rain in the coastal areas of West Kalimantan, including Pontianak and Kubu Raya Regency.

However, the air pollution standard index tool located on Jalan Ahmad Yania Pontianak is not functioning properly.

So the public cannot see directly the latest air condition in Pontianak, whether it is still in healthy or unhealthy condition.

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137 titik panas asap kebakaran lahan gambut pontianak udara tidak sehat