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Positive Corona Cases in Indonesia 1155 Positive Corona Cases, 59 Recovered, 102 Died

JAKARTA, KOMPASTV, Government Spokesperson for Handling the Corona Virus, Achmad Yurianto, has again released the latest data regarding the latest positive corona virus in Indonesia.

On Saturday (28/03/2020), confirmed positive data increased by 109 cases, bringing the total to 1155 cases, an additional 13 patients recovered, a total of 59 people.

Then the deaths of 15 people were reported, a total of 102 people.

Several government policies related to handling Covid-19 are related to the corona virus control system, namely that the community plays an active role in breaking the chain of the corona virus in society.

Therefore, searching for positive cases in the community, with positive cases, in hospitals is important.

So we will strengthen these tracing efforts with screening, rapid examination of close contacts.

Second, treating positive cases that are found, through self-isolation or isolation in hospital.

Isolation at home is really understood by the public. Stay at home, stay away from crowds, avoid gatherings.

The government recommends wearing a mask, a distance of 1 meter to 1.5 meters from other family members, and eating with your own cutlery.

If self-isolation is not possible, then isolate in hospital with the following indications:

Those who cannot afford to isolate themselves at home
Severe symptoms appear
The patient has chronic disease factors
Hospital conditions prepared by the government, PPE is very important for medical personnel.

The government is fulfilling and complying with standard SOPs for who uses PPE.

For this reason, as a foundation in the midst of the corona virus, the government reminds us that apart from maintaining distance, namely washing your hands with soap before eating, before drinking, before all parts of your face.

Because, through hands, the spread of the corona virus is faster.
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