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Case of Beating of TNI, Motorcycle Club: Purely Individual, Not a Reflection of the Organization

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV Public Relations of the Harley Owners Group Siliwangi Bandung Chapter, Epriyanto, said that the beatings on TNI members were not a reflection of the moge organization.

Epriyanto said that the condition for becoming a member of a motorbike club is that you must be devoted to God Almighty.

"It was purely an incident and it was purely an individual. So I need to say here that I need to emphasize that it is also not part of a reflection of the organization," said Epriyanto when contacted by KompasTV, Sunday (1/11/2020).

According to Epriyanto, the stigma of arrogance from motorbike clubs has been around for a long time. So this incident exacerbates the stigma attached to society.

Epriyanto stated that he would comply with the legal process in cases of beatings carried out by his members.

"We continue to follow, we also continue to comply with the processes that are being carried out by the authorities, in this case the police," he concluded.

So how do you ensure that the legal process runs fully for the suspects?

Listen to the dialogue with the Public Relations Officer of the Harley Owners Group Siliwangi Bandung Chapter, Epriyanto, and the Founder of Lingkar Madani, Ray Rangkuti.
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