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Kangen Band - Sherin (official Music Video)

Now released!
New Single "Sherin" by Kangen Band.

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The euphoria about the rise of The Malay King of Pop is still very much present, after first releasing their single entitled "Sesaknya Dada" on their personal YouTube channel, Kangen Band Official succeeded in redeeming the longing of lovers of Malay pop music, especially the works of Kangen Band, thousands of comments building and congratulations on their return to the music industry continue to flow every day. Now, even though they have not yet finished expressing the happy energy to welcome their return, Kangen Band is ready to release its second single, a continuation of the storyline of the previous single entitled "Sherin".

Still a work created by Dodhy, "Sherin" is a true story from the guitarist in the Kangen Band. "Yes...Sherin is really real, that's my story, only her name is disguised," said Dodhy while laughing and blushing when interviewed. The process of making Sherin's song only took 2 days and there were no difficulties in composing it, as well as choosing the location for making the video clip, it still fell in the hometown of the Kangen Band personnel in Bandar Lampung.

Sherin's Video Clip concept is a continuation of the "Sesaknya Dada" plot, which previously told the story of Andika Mahesa Lead Vocal Kangen Band becoming a professional Photographer who has a lover who turns out to be playing with a man he has just met, thus destroying the loyalty that has been established to the point where It was time for them to be reunited but not to be reunited because Andika's lover chose to marry the man of her choice whom she had just met. So who is Sherin?? What is his relationship with Sherin??

"Sherin" is a woman who saved Andika who still acts as a model in her video clip. Andika was injured due to an accident that befell her and was helped by Sherin who apparently had great love for Andika, but this feeling was very contradictory to what Andika felt. thus making this love story just a one-sided love story.

Sherin is just part of an eternal story that will remain in memory but will not be the fate of the union of two people. Can the color "Sherin" provide a breakthrough and new nuance like other phenomenal stories from Kangen Band. Let's listen together, of course, on September 3 2021, Welcome to Kangen Band's work again.

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Kangen Band personnel:
Lead Vocal by : Andika Mahesa
Lead Guitar by : Dodhy
Rhythm by : Tama
Keyboard by : Izzy
Bass by : Bebe

Credits :
Vocalist by : Andika
Composer by : Dodhy
Lyrics by : Dodhy
Arrangement by : Idris & Kangen Band
Mixed & Mastered by : Rully

Publishing : PT. Era Music Premium
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Sherin lyrics:
She I called your name
I hope you listen to me

**) I said your name
I hope you understand me

Don't you know?
Of my rude attitude
I don't love you

Don't you know?
Of my rude attitude
There is a replacement for you

You hug my body tightly
You cry on my shoulder
You woke me up
In the morning waiting for me

You taught me to be happy
Teach the language of love
You are willing to suffer
As long as I stay happy

Sherin just look for a replacement for me
Which is better than my heart
And always keep your love

Sherin left quickly and didn't come back
I don't want to see you again
It just puts a burden on my heart

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