Wed Dec 2019 2 years ago

Jokowi Regarding Stafsus Billy's Tweet: A Little Wrong Yes Forgiven

President Joko Widodo did not take issue with a tweet from one of his special millennial staff, Gracia Billy Mambrasar, on Twitter social media.
The President said that his special staff had apologized and asked that the staff in particular be given time to work first.
This was conveyed by the president in a meeting with journalists at the Merdeka Palace, Monday (2/12/19).
The President said that the youth of the staff in particular made Billy too enthusiastic and asked that the staff in particular be given time to work well.
Previously, on November 30, Billy Mambrasar tweeted the term "the side next door is gasping for air" on his Twitter account @kitongbisa to describe the dynamics of netizens.
After reaping the pros and cons, Billy has apologized and clarified that the tweet did not have a tendency towards certain groups of society
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