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Legitimate Wife Catches Police Officer Having An Affair With Another Woman, Sees Underwear On Sofa

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - A male police officer in the Bogor area was raided by his legal wife while he was alone with another woman.

The perpetrator was found alone with his mistress at a house in the Tasikmalaya area.

When his wife caught him, the police officer was naked.

Quoted from Tribunnewsbogor, MS, the legal wife of the police officer with the initials RS, explained that the raid was carried out at around 22.00 WIB.

At that time, MS was together with the Cibeureum Police, TNI and Bahabindes.

"At 22.00 WIB at night. I raided the situation there with two members of the Cibeureum Police, TNI Bhabindes was there," explained MS.

She admitted that during the raid, her husband's hospital was found almost naked.

Meanwhile, the woman EV with whom he was suspected of having an affair was found only wearing a negligee.

He also found a bra and panties on the sofa where he was sitting.

"I entered one and was only wearing a negligee, the woman. On the sofa there was a bra, underwear and the man, where my husband was not wearing clothes, was only wearing trousers," said MS angrily.

MS, who is a resident from Bandung, suspects that her husband's alleged affair had been going on for about 1 year.

In fact, her husband had the heart to abandon his 9-month-old child from his 4-year-old marriage.

"According to information from those closest to him, his affair lasted more than 1 year before I became pregnant," he said.

This cheating case was then reported by MS to the Propam Police in the Bogor area since early November 2020 and is currently still in the process of being resolved.

"The divorce issue is still ongoing with a mediation disposition. My hope is that I want justice that is as fair as possible because I have been neglected, and so have my children, no longer supported," he said.

The code of ethics hearing in this case was held together with Prooam Bogor, on Wednesday (3/2/2021).

MS was observed attending the code of ethics hearing for around 1.5 hours but the plan is that the hearing will still be held again next week.

Meanwhile, Propam has not yet provided detailed information regarding this matter.

"Yes (the trial will be held again next week)," said Head of Propam, Bogor Police, Inspector Yayan Sofyan.


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