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Pre-Employment Incentives Cancel Disbursement and Return to the State

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - The Pre-Employment Card Program is one of the programs that the public has been waiting for during the pandemic.

However, more than 300 thousand pre-employment card participants were declared inactive and had their membership status revoked, resulting in funds amounting to 1.1 trillion rupiah that were disbursed and returned to the state.

The pre-employment card program is one of the programs that the community has been waiting for during the corona pandemic.

The Head of the Job Creation Committee Team, Rudy Salahuddin, said that of the three people who registered for the pre-employment card program, only one person would qualify as a participant.

Of the 5.59 million pre-employment card participants, around 11 percent have succeeded in opening MSME businesses.

In 2021, the government will continue the program, which has been changed to semi social assistance, during the corona pandemic.

However, Head of Communication Management for the Implementing Pre-Employment Card Program, Louisa Tuhatu, explained that there were participants whose participation had been withdrawn.

"From the first to the seventh wave, 310,212 people had their membership revoked,"

"They can no longer participate in the pre-employment card program," said Louisa Tuhatu to kompas.com, October 15 2020.

Previously, Indef Researcher, Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara, said that the pre-employment card registrants did not seem to match the data on layoff victims.

According to him, this was because the initial target was not clear.

The revocation of pre-employment card membership status is regulated in the regulation of the coordinating minister for economic affairs, number eleven of 2020.

In these regulations it is stated that if the pre-employment card recipient does not select training within a period of 30 days, then their participation will be revoked.
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