Wed Dec 2019 1 year ago

Inka Christie - Rela

Nisa - Cibingbin Kuningn
Nisa Qurotul'ain - Cibingbin Kuningan

Never Changed Lara's Flowering
Your Low View
To Me The Most Necessary

The Aridity of a Piece of Heart
Hoping for a Drop of Dew
Agar Besah misses this
I am the abandoned one
Since the beginning
Satisfied I pioneered
Satisfied I am sad

I Can Only Surrender
Along with Prayer of Hope
Change The Course Of This Life

For the sake of burning love
I'm willing to hold the coals of fire
For the Love That Moves
I'm really willing

Although in view
Like a withered flower thrown away
But You Must Know
All Kerna
I'm Still Loyal To You
Let Me Cry
Like a beggar
Inka Christie Rela