andriajah Wed Jul 2023 11 months ago

This. Mobile phone. Expensive 😎 - Review of Realme 11 Pro+ Indonesia

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0:00 A few words of welcome
0:27 Immediately someone thought of it?
0:38 Whether it's good or not, the important thing is style first
1:10 Feels like a salesperson showing off his bag
1:43 When can you have this kind of mentality...
2:06 Mendang's typical team talk is better
2:23 I got it cheap bro
2:40 Expensive back, sexy front
3:03 What makes people illfeel...
3:33 Start a habit
4:05 Remember, this is a 7 million HP.
4:25 Make corn dry
4:41 This is amazing
5:09 Half the video just discusses this... hahaha
5:25 Just watch out if it's bad
5:57 Finally there's something to be excited about
6:29 Those who want realme Indonesia listen
7:19 What realme Indonesia doesn't want to hear
7:45 I feel like I'm cutting grass
9:07 Samsung Proof
9:34 Samsung is not involved in this matter
11:03 A few closing words
11:29 Comparison is a happiness killer
12:00 David Nawar
12:39 OPPO again OPPO again