Sat Jan 2020 1 year ago

Indonesia Continues to Strengthen Defense in the Natuna Waters Area

The Indonesian government continues to strengthen security in Natuna waters after a number of Chinese coast guard vessels entered the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone area. This is one of the Chinese coast guard ships that entered Indonesian territory in Natuna waters.

The TNI Navy warship KRI Tjiptadi 381, which was guarding Natuna waters, succeeded in driving off a Chinese ship which was later discovered to be escorting a Chinese fishing boat that was stealing fish in Indonesian waters.

Natuna waters continue to be guarded because Chinese coast guard ships continue to try to enter Indonesian territory in Natuna waters.

From the Boeing 737 strategic reconnaissance aircraft AI-7301 air squadron 5 wing 5 TNI AU Sultan Hasanudin Makassar Air Base, in the Natuna Sea a number of Chinese coast guard vessels were seen attempting to enter Indonesian waters. To guard the Natuna area, currently there are two warships belonging to the Indonesian Navy, KRI Tjiptadi, and KRI Teuku Umar.

This operation will not only last a day or two, this operation will last until the sovereignty issue is resolved.
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