Thu Dec 2019 1 year ago


I SHOULD BE A FLEET | TAMI AULIA LIVE cover by Tami Aulia Live Acoustic

Haaaiii everyone, thank you to friends who have requested the song SHOULD I BE ARMADA | TAMI AULIA LIVE yaa..
Tami try to cover it with an acoustic guitar version, I hope you guys like Tami's acoustic cover version...

Don't forget to listen to I SHOULD BE A FLEET | TAMI AULIA LIVE original version..

For those of you who don't know Tami, let's get to know you first. I am Tami Aulia, born and raised in Lombok, currently Tami lives in Yogyakarta and is completing her undergraduate studies at one of the state campuses in Yogyakarta. In between studying activities, I created the Tami Aulia Live Acoustic YouTube channel project. This channel is specifically for making covers of songs requested by friends and Tami will bring them acoustic versions.

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