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Happy Emotions Color the Release of 32 Recovered Covid-19 Patients

PASURUAN, KOMPAS.TV Dozens of positive Covid-19 patients in Pasuruan Regency, East Java were declared cured after undergoing treatment for 2 weeks.

There were 32 patients who recovered. They come from 6 sub-districts, namely Gempol, Bangil, Beji, Prigen, Purwodadi and Pandaan.

They were then returned to their respective homes. The repatriation process was carried out officially with a release at the Healthy Strong Happy Building or SKB Pandaan District on Wednesday (15/07).

They were declared cured after the results of the third swab test came back negative. Previously they were quarantined in a number of isolation houses and hospitals for 2 weeks.

The recovered patients advised the public to follow government recommendations and be disciplined in following health protocols.

One of the patients recovered, Mahrus looked happy and moved when he was released. He admitted that he was happy because he could recover from the corona virus.

But on the one hand, he felt moved by the struggle of medical and health workers, who continuously helped Covid-19 patients to recover quickly, even though their own lives were at stake.

With the recovery of these 32 people, the total number of patients declared free of Covid-19 in Pasuruan Regency has reached 215 people.

Deputy Chair of the Pasuruan Regency Covid-19 Task Force, AKBP Rofiq Ripto Himawan, said that the high number of recoveries in Pasuruan Regency cannot be separated from patient discipline in implementing health protocols.

Apart from that, the Covid-19 Task Force Team is solid and united in handling Covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile, the number of Covid-19 cases in Pasuruan Regency continues to increase, even being the 4th highest in East Java, namely 457 cases.

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