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Almost all areas of Jakarta are infected with the Corona Virus, this is the distribution

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - This is a map of the distribution of positive Corona or Covid-19 patients
in Jakarta on March 25 2020.

Almost the entire area of ​​Jakarta is infected with this virus. There are 426 positive cases
Corona in Jakarta until March 25 2020 at 10.00 WIB.

The following is the distribution of Covid-19 patients in the Jakarta area as reported by
Corona.Jakarta.Go.ID at 10.00 WIB:

West Jakarta: 88 patients
North Jakarta: 28 patients
Central Jakarta: 22 patients
South Jakarta: 95 patients
East Jakarta: 56 patients

*There are 137 positive cases whose location is unknown

With the increasing number of positive Corona cases in Jakarta.

Come on, let's #stayathome and keep our distance to reduce the spread of Corona.

Of the 426 patients infected with the corona virus type 2 (SARS-CoV-2), 23 people were declared cured, while 34 people died.

"The number of positive cases in sub-district points is 289. The number of positive cases (with) unknown location is 137. The total number of positive cases is 426 (patients)," according to information on the website.

The corona.jakarta.go.id website also displays a map of the distribution of cases based on the subdistrict where Covid-19 positive patients live.

Based on this map, the residences of 289 positive Covid-19 patients are known to be in 132 sub-districts spread across five cities in Jakarta. Only Seribu Islands Regency did not report any cases.

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The majority of positive Covid-19 patients were located in Pegadungan Village, Kalideres District, West Jakarta, namely 13 people.

Apart from positive Covid-19 patients, there are also patients who are still waiting for laboratory results. The number is 445 people.
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