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Go Api Tutorial - Make An Api With Go

Do you like programming in Go? If you do then this video is great for you! In this tutorial video I share with you how to make an API in Go! More specifically we are going to be using Gin which is a high performance and relatively simple web framework that will allow us to quickly design and make an API in Go. Hope you enjoy!

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📄 Resources 📄
Code In This Video:
Gin Framework Docs:
Go For Beginners Tutorial Series:

⭐️ Timestamps ⭐️
00:00 | Overview & Prerequisites
01:07 | ServerPronto
02:08 | Dependency Setup
04:47 | Imports & Data Setup
09:22 | Gin Router Setup
09:50 | GET Requests
14:22 | POST Requests
21:51 | Fetching By ID
29:01 | Checkout Books & Query Parameters
33:04 | PATCH Requests
34:30 | Returning Books
37:12 | Conclusion

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