Fri Dec 2019 2 years ago


GREETINGS, FRIENDS OF NATURE... this video is a continuation of the video where we released a python that would be judged by residents, and when I was heading home, I was surprised by the movement of the snake crossing a very deep river, if you look at it at a glance the snake is small, but after I chased it and approached it, the snake was big and long, and it turned out it was the king colubrid, aka KING KOROS, indeed the area I found was not far from the area where I had previously checked the whereabouts of the full black king koros, and this is still is in the same area, it turns out there is still a lot of king koros habitat here, if you look at the location of the habitat, there are still a lot of rice fields and bamboo forests on the riverbanks, which is indeed one of the places for king koros, and this king koros/ptyas carinata This is the largest colubrid snake which is a non-venomous snake, they can eat anything, even king cobras.

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