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7.1 SR Earthquake Rocks Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, Bmkg Says No Tsunami Potential

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - An earthquake rocked Melonguane, Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, Thursday (21/1/2021).

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake was centered 134 kilometers from Melonguane.

According to BMKG information, this large earthquake did not have the potential for a tsunami.

Quoted from Kompas.com, the epicenter of the 7.1 SR earthquake was at a depth of 154 kilometers.

According to BMKG information, the earthquake occurred at around 19.23 WIB.

Areas that felt earthquake shocks
namely Melonguane, Tahuna, Ondong, Manado, Bitung, Bolaang Uki, Gorontalo, North Halmahera, and Galela.

BMKG stated that the epicenter of the earthquake was at 4.98 North Latitude (N), 126.38 East Longitude (E).

This earthquake did not have the potential for a tsunami.

It is known that earthquake vibrations are measured on the MMI scale.

Based on the MMI scale quoted from the BMKG page, here is the MMI information that can be studied.


Earthquake vibrations cannot be felt except in extraordinary circumstances by some people.


Several people felt the vibrations or shaking of the earthquake, light objects hanging like chandeliers swayed.


Earthquake vibrations were felt in the house.

The vibration felt as if there was a ride in a moving truck.


During the day it can be felt by many people inside the house, outside the house by several people, pottery breaking, windows/doors shaking until they creak and walls making sounds.


The vibrations of an earthquake can be felt by almost everyone, people run, pottery breaks, items bounce, pillars and large objects seem to sway, pendulum bells can stop.


The vibrations of the earthquake were felt by everyone.

Most people were shocked and ran out, the wall plaster fell off and the chimney in the factory was damaged, the damage was minor.


Everyone in the house comes out.

Light damage to houses with good buildings and construction.

Meanwhile, in buildings with poor construction, cracks and even destruction occur, chimneys break.

And vibrations can be felt by people who are riding in a vehicle.


Minor damage to buildings with strong construction.

Cracks in buildings with poor construction, walls detached from house frames, factory chimneys and monuments collapsed, water turned murky.


Damage to buildings with strong construction, house frames become misaligned, many cracks occur.

The house appears to have shifted from its initial foundation. The pipes in the house broke.


Strong wooden buildings were damaged, house frames were separated from their foundations, the ground was split by curved rails, landslides in every river and on steep lands.


Few buildings are still standing.

Bridges are damaged, valleys occur.

Pipes in the ground cannot be used at all, the ground is split, the rails are very curved.


Completely destroyed, waves appeared on the ground.

The scene turned dark, objects were thrown into the air.


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