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Because of Corona - Fadli Zon: Corona is predicted to become a pandemic (Part 3) | Najwa's eyes

Gerindra Deputy Chairperson Fadli Zon criticized the government regarding the form of communication the government took in handling the Corona Virus. The government is wasting too much time just to confirm that Indonesia is not attacked by COVID-19. "The Minister of Health's public communication is very bad," said Fadli Zon.

Meanwhile, YLKI Chairman Tulus Abadi highlighted the government's lack of efforts to implement preventive procedures in public places, especially at stations and airports.

Apart from that, according to Tulus Abadi, the government is not providing enough literacy to the public. "Literacy is important so that people can respond intelligently, there is no panic buying and so on. "In the midst of a critical situation like this, why are you even talking about tourism targets," criticized Tulus.


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