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Gamma1 - Back Pain | Official Video Lyrics

Gamma1 - Back Pain | Official Video Lyrics

Successful with its latest single entitled "Jomblo Happy", Gamma1 has once again enlivened the Indonesian music industry with the single "Sakit Pinggang". This popular song on Tiktok, entitled "Lumbago Pain", tells the story of a pair of lovers who are in a long distance relationship but are increasingly accused of being duplicitous by their lover. "This song is an expression of a woman who accuses her lover of doing all kinds of things out there. Even though he works hard until his back hurts to earn money to take their relationship to a more serious level," said Heri as vocalist of Gamma1.

In contrast to "Jomblo Happy" which shows the happiness of someone who has finally found their partner, this song actually shows the turmoil faced when having a partner. "Because when we have a partner, we need to feel trust between each other. Especially if we are in an LDR relationship, it will be difficult if we are suspicious of each other. And this song is a form of expression of this difficulty," added Heri.

To give a new feel, on Gamma1's newest single this time, the A&R team from Trinity Optima Production tried to add a dangdut music rhythm to this song. "Recently we tried to look for new colors for Gamma1's single material to make it more different. In our opinion, the vocalists, Heri and Nilam each have a distinctive Malay and cengkok dangdut voice. So, because of that, we thought of trying to package this song "with a touch of pop rock music mixed with dangdut. To Mas Tri Wijaya, a music arranger from the city of Solo who is quite senior as a dangdut koplo music arranger, we entrusted this song to be arranged," said Razi as A&R from Trinity Optima Production.

Where are you
And with whom
Every time I ask
Your answer is work and work

Could it be there
You're playing love
Because men's mouths are good at acting

Stop being suspicious
If you still love
What to do
I believe in love that is far away

Back pain
Looking for money until you have to work hard
I'm looking for money
You make all kinds of accusations

If indeed now you are not comfortable
Don't make excuses
It's better for us now
Off the road

Dating with you
I'm tormented inside
This heart longs
Mixed with jealousy

I want to believe it
But I'm suspicious
Don't forget your love
Has been divided in two

Song Credits:
Composed by HERI GAMMA1
Produced, Mixed, Mastered @JAYA MEIDA RECORD SOLO
Recorded @Backbeat STD, JKT
Engineered by ANGGI ANGGORO
Additional Guitar by SUGENG

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This video is produced by Trinity Optima Production
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