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Gamma1 - Jomblo Happy | Official Video Clip

This video is produced by Trinity Optima Production

We must have often heard the word "single". This word, which is popularly used by young people, is the theme in Gamma1's latest single, entitled "Jomblo Happy".

This song is an adaptation of a European dance song which was first popularized in 2007 by a trio group called BUM, with the original Russian title, KANIKULY, created by Dmitry Kokhanovsky. Then the song was translated by 2 other creators into English and popularized in 2008 by a trio group called BOOM with the title "How Do You Do".

"In this song, we have retained the arrangement portion of the original song because we really want to show to the public that we have obtained legal permission for the song, so that there are no misunderstandings about the band's accusations of plagiarism. "We and the label agree that this song is very interesting to perform again by composing the lyrics without losing Gamma1's characteristics," said Heri. For this reason, Heri, Nilam, Alung, Andan, and Pandi still provide a touch of the Malay music genre in this song so as not to lose the characteristics and identity of Gamma1's music.

'Single' itself is a word used by young people today to describe people who don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. The word single is always identified with loneliness and confusion. Even the title of single is considered a curse.

However, being single is not always bad. Being single/single/single doesn't mean you're unhappy. Some people choose to be single as an option. Some people consider being single to be a symbol of freedom, freedom to go anywhere, to hang out with anyone without anyone holding them back. People's reasons for choosing to be single or delaying having a boyfriend/lover vary.

Gamma1 tries to describe this in the single "Jomblo Happy" by telling the story of a choice someone makes that solitude is happiness. "So the song 'Jomblo Happy' is a song that tells the story of someone's life journey without thinking about a serious relationship or dating. By choosing to be single, he is freer to express himself and achieve his dreams without having to involve romance. "It doesn't mean he doesn't want to be in a relationship, but because he believes that eternal love will definitely come," explained Heri, the vocalist.

Original Title: How Do You Do
Original Artist: Boom
Original Creators: Christian Geller, Wolfgang Boss, and Dmitry Kokhanovskiy
Original Publisher: Universal Music Publishing GMBH, Chartwards Ed., EMI Music Publishing Ltd,
EMI Music Publishing Germany GMBH, Peer Musikverlag Gmbh
Sub Publisher: PT. Suara Publishindo, PT. Nadaku Music, & PT. Aquarius Music Library
Adaptation Title: Happy Singles
Lyric Adaptation: Heri Gamma1

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