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GAMMA1 - My Father is a Doctor of Love (Ordinary Things) | VC Trinity

GAMMA1 - My Father is a Doctor of Love (Ordinary Things) | VC Trinity. Other songs:

My Father is a Doctor of Love (Ordinary Things)
Chip. Heri Susanto
Album "1 or 2"

This song, which still has a love theme, was chosen as Gamma1's second single. Heri, as the vocalist and songwriter, wants to illustrate that feeling pain or heartbreak in love is a normal thing and we don't have to be down when we break up.

Simultaneously, the concept of the video clip was created according to the content of the song. This video clip by Alyandra Cinema deliberately includes humorous scenes played by Sogi Indra Dhuaja and Dila to illustrate that a broken heart doesn't have to be sad.

This video is guaranteed to cheer up a broken-hearted Gammania! Enjoy it!

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