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Full Mikrotik Settings from the Start for Complete Voucher Hotspot || Hap Lite Rb941-2nd Configuration

Video tutorial on how to set up basic Mikrotik from zero to becoming a voucher with Winbox.
Here BILHANET uses hAP lite RB941-2nD (or TC version), and can also be applied to other routerBOARD series,
such as RB750Gr3, RB931-2ND mini hAP, RB750 r2, RB951UI-2nD or 951ui 2hnD, RB450Gx4 Router, and other high series,
either with or without internal wifi, because this guide will use an additional Access Point (wifi transmitter).

* AP setting tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEK39iYa-Dc


Ether-1 :
- ISP/Internet Source
- Dynamic IP Address obtained from the ISP.

Ether-2 :
- LAN to LAPTOP/Computer
- IP Address
- IP Pool ~

Ether-3 :
- Voucher Hotspot Line
- IP Address
- IP Pool Access Point ~
- IP Pool Voucher ~

0:00 Network Topology Explanation
2:10 Using Winbox
4:22 Reset Configuration
6:07 Naming Interfaces
7:18 Connecting ISP to Mikrotik (DHCP Client)
8:39 Create DNS Server
9:34 Permit internet access with Firewall
11:00 Determine the client IP address
13:22 Configure DHCP Server (for Ether-2)
15:57 Mikrotik user login settings
19:18 Mikrotik date and time settings
22:10 Hotspot Configuration / Voucher

Create voucher and edit login page:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZishHpzYNE

Download Winbox: https://bilhanet.com/mikrotik-download-area/

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