andriajah Wed Jan 2020 2 years ago

[FULL] Shocking Confession About the King of the Kings Owning 60 Thousand Trillion

After the phenomenon of the Keraton Agung Sejagat and the Sunda Empire, now another kingdom has emerged which claims to be king of the king, or king of all kingdoms. This caused quite a stir in the people of Tangerang. The reason is, they have spread King of the King banners in public areas. Not only that, surprisingly, they also claimed they would pay off all of Indonesia's state debt.
They are part of Indonesia, the lighthouse of the world. According to him, this institution was created by the world, namely the Swiss bank. The head of Indonesia's World Lighthouse, Banten Province, Syrus Manggu Nata, said that Indonesia has assets of more than 60 thousand trillion rupiah. These funds are planned to be paid to pay off Indonesia's debts. These funds are stored in the name of Doni Pedro, which was previously owned by President Soekarno.
The main goal is to pay off Indonesia's debts, said Syrus Manggu Nata
However, when asked how much debt Indonesia currently has, Syrus could not answer.
Regarding these debts, I think it would be more official for the government to inform you, or even from the Minister of Finance, etc. How much is it all, but it will be paid off
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